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Romantic Holiday Ideas for Arm Trophy girlfriend

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5 Romantic Holiday Ideas for an Arm Trophy Girlfriend 

It’s not everyday that you find yourself an arm trophy girlfriend to date. Let go of the shackles that hold you back and go all out with the date ideas that you have in mind. Forget about Paris, Hawaii, and other go-to destinations of most couples.

Think wider, bigger, and farther – there are more romantic holiday destinations that await you and your beloved. Treat your arm trophy girlfriend to a classy date in one of these fancy places.

 Step Aboard the Regent Seven Seas Cruises

From Croatia to the South of America, Regent Seven Seas Cruises have the most luxurious voyages there is in the world. Board the “Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built,” the Seven Seas Explorer, for a once in a lifetime experience. Recline on horsehair mattresses with 600-thread count linens for relaxation and satisfy your gastronomic urges in one of the fancy onboard restaurants.

Check-in at Castello Banfi—Il Borgo (Tuscany) 

Castle turned hotel, Castello Banfi—Il Borgo, is a sweet place to stay in when in Tuscany.Bask in the beauty of the Tuscan sun while strolling through the grapeyard. Take a tour at their private cellar where vintage Castello Banfi wines are stored, and taste the finest strains of liquor with your own complimentary Master Sommelier.

Travel All Through Asia

Let the wanderlust take control of your plans and book an Asian tour with your arm trophy in tow. Visit the beaches of Bali before checking-in a 5-star villa in Vietnam. Continue your tour in the “Royal Capital of Burma” then proceed to Maldives for the ultimate beach adventure.

Visit Tivoli Palacio de Seteais (Portugal)

Nothing makes her feel more like a princess than by booking a whole palace for herself. Visit the Tivoli Palacio de Seteais where you two can live the dream of being treated like legit royalty. May weddings have already been held in the Seteais. Who knows, yours might be the next big “I Do” in the Portuguese Palace.

Unwind in the Tenerife Sea

Slow down life with a quick breather at the shore of the Tenerife. Walk hand in hand with your arm trophy girlfriend or party in the sky bar together. Take photos of your perfect someone with the perfect scenery of the Canary Island on your background.

Up your dating game and make your arm trophy relationship sweeter. Give the best experience and make the most memorable holiday for your girlfriend to remember. Only the fanciest and most luxurious destinations for the apple of your eye.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Is Melania Trump a Trophy Wife?

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There has been a lot of speculations regarding Melania Trump and her relationship with President Donald Trump.  Donald Trump received a lot of backlash and criticism because of his unruly behavior and had been divorced twice.So unlikely for a man to get a woman like her. Despite those critics, Melania supported him all throughout his way even though there was an allegation towards her. Now, is she really a Trophy wife?

Melania Trump is a beautiful and intelligent woman.She speaks on Trump's behalf and very assertive.The Lady represents a multi-lingual who can speak 5 languages. Being beautiful and multilingual are not enough as the lady still received criticisms. According to Lewandowski The Lady "was innocent, and does not deserve the criticism". Well, we can't stop people criticizing other people for they are given the freedom of speech. In fact, there were a  “false and defamatory claims which questioned the nature of her work as a professional model. A republished allegations that she provided services beyond simply modeling”. The Lady filed a claim against the publishing house to prove that the fallacy is used to lure others. 

Eventually, the issue had been settled and was reported that Trump demanded $150 million for the damages as agreed by both parties. Trump might receive less than $3M. Regardless of the criticism and allegations, the First Lady is a great influence on the nation which makes Donald Trump so lucky aside from his symbol.

Of course, Melania Trump is a trophy wife. Blessed with Perfection and knowledge. A woman of courage. A lady that will never stop supporting her man. Some may say she isn't because people felt that she supports  Trump mispresented policies on foreign affairs But what matter here is Donald Trump got her as a trophy wife.

A woman becomes a Trophy to his man once the man wins her heart and that is basically what the trophy wife means.

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Romantic Holiday Ideas for Arm Trophy girlfriend

google images 5 Romantic Holiday Ideas for an Arm Trophy Girlfriend  It’s not everyday that you find yourself an arm trophy gir...